Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Use A 10-Key Calculator

I've been using a 10-key calculator for a long time. I like using it much better than the tiny hand held calculator on my cell phone cause I can add up a thick pile of bills in no-time, without looking away from my pile of bills. However there have been several keys on my 10-key calculator or any calculator that I never bothered to find out what they are there for and how to use them. Two of them are the M+ key and the M* key. I always used my 10-key to only do straight forward add and subtract, but I never realized I could use it to do this calculation (1300 x 5) + (1495 x 12) in one setting. I always do the two multiplications separately, then write down the total for each on a piece of paper, and add the two totals together. But thanks to this how-to guide for the 10-key calculator, now I know I can actually do this sort of calculation in one inputing sequence instead of breaking them in two and do a third inputing sequence to add the two together.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tipping Is A Nonsense

Why is it that everywhere we go, from hair salons, to restaurants to airport shuttle stations, to valet parking, we are expected to tip 20% of the total bill?? Why??

Do we tip our doctors? Our teachers? Accountants? Our Police and Postman? If not, then why are we tipping the stylists, the waitress, the shuttle driver?

From tomorrow on , I am not going to tip anybody anymore. I paid US$120 for my haircut and coloring... and every time I dropped off US$24 extra as tips. Same with my dinner bills, if my total dinner bill was US$35, I ended up paying US$43.75, sometimes even US$47.25 when restaurants added a mandatory 20% tip to the total.

Nobody tips me for the services I perform at work, why on earth I am tipping others like crazy!! One time I dined at a 5-star hotel restaurant in San Francisco, the friendly waiter was telling me he made over $100K a year and $80K was tips...

He made way more than double of what I made as an accountant and there I was tipping him 20%... Yuck!

So I make a pledge today that I'm not going to tip anyone anymore from now on...I am not going to pay any extra that is stated on my bill. I will definitely not go to restaurants that add a manadatory 20% tips on the bill's total.

Tipping is such a bad expectation from any service providers. I don't udnerstand how such a voluntary courtsey extended by the rich people got to become such an expected mandate that even the poor people like me are expected or sometimes mandated to tip. I'm not going to tip, and my reason is I don't even make as much money as a waiter.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Annual Earnings And Your Saving Accounts

Before we can get started on our mission to save money, we need to know where we are standing as of now!

So, how much do you earn a year and how much do you have in your savings account?

Please enter your answers in the comment box. A random commentor will be drawn out to receive the following free gift from us on March 28, 2010:

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